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Of Cuckoos & Sparrows

An Imitation Game

Organizer & Curator


Of Cuckoos and Sparrows is an inquiry into the prevalence of form and content in relationship to the authorship in the landscape of hyper-exposures.

This experiment is an attempt to understand what constitutes the notion of authorship in visual arts today. The ease and availability of exposure to visual references is a condition that is universally rampant. Subsequently, this accessibility influences the production and consumption of artworks, which allows a high volume of works to thrive in multiplicity. Yet, simultaneously, by and large, there is also a preference for stylistic consistency among visual art practitioners and art collectors.

While the variables that inform a visual artwork is boundless, this experiment will attempt to set up a controlled environment as a creative dissection to find out what is authorship made up of in our day and age.

9 visual artists/illustrators are invited to create new works via means of intentional imitation to experiement on the perception of authorship and authenticity in contemporary visual arts.

Red Herrings

Images of Music

Organizer & Curator


Featuring 20 individuals who are deeply involved in the Singapore's music scene, Red Herrings presents the visual arts of these musicians and artist in a different light, giving us the opportunities to consider their multi-faceted approach in the inception of creative endeavours which very often crosses the boundary of disciplines. These works extend well beyond their purposes as devices of information, into the realm of genre interpretations and even at times, becoming inspiration to music making.

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